H "NJBS" σάς προσφέρει τά Τραγούδια της

καί τά Ορχηστρικά της κομμάτια σέ τέτοιες τιμές 

πού η πειρατεία είναι....εντελώς ανώφελη προσπάθεια....








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12 παρτιτουρες μέ Ελληνικά Παραδοσιακά Τραγούδια καί Ορχηστρικά,μέ τήν γραφή τού Nicou Χατζόπουλου.Απαραίτητα βιβλία γιά τόν κάθε Μουσικό πού αγαπά τήν Πραδοσιακή μας Μουσική.Κυκλοφορούν τά τεύχη 1,2,3 καί 4.

View Nikos Hatzopoulos the Parian in the Megaro Mousikis, at:


Watch what music piece Nikos Hatzopoulos wound his violin, just before playing nisiotika (greek islands music):


Nikos Hatzopoulos, violinist who appeared at the event Aegeus is a great musician. Born in Athens in 1961 and hails from Naxos. His musical roots due to the long tradition of his family, especially his father John Hatzopoulos, who was one of the leading virtuosos of his generation on the clarinet. Studied and studied violin in 'Greek' and 'Apollonian' conservatory and worked professionally with the violin from the age of 12 years by his father. Tested successfully acquired vast experience performing with the violin all kinds of music, participating in a wide range of musical events, from traditional festivals, up to the Concert Hall. He has collaborated with leading artists and performers in Greece and has participated in 95% of Greek discography. He has also collaborated with renowned artists like Milva, the Yiannis, the City etc.